A project based on the fundamentals of the desert plant ‘Rose of Jericho’, getting the timing of seeding just right.

This plant is basically dead for most of its lifespan it rolls through deserts and makes hundreds of miles and lives for decades without accomplishing anything.

But when the rain comes and the plant rolls into a puddle of water, it nourishes itself with water and the plant starts to open. While filling itself with water, the plant opens and leaves with seeds underneath are exposed. The raindrops hit the leaves and break them off. A tiny burst sends the seeds inside onto the wet, surrounding area. Only effective when reproduction of the plant has the highest probability.

This made me think. In the past decades or so we came to discover that we, as a species, are ruining the planet. A loss of land, once rich and fertile, is now depleted and barren. How can nature be helped? It needs a new permaculture to kick start the ecosystem.

A ready-to-print-package will be freely available and will only use ubiquitous materials such as string and elastic bands. Make a dozen of prints, make one person plant them on barren land and wait for the rain to come. Nature will take care of the rest.